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Prepare your server for VMware

I recently wrote a program to save myself (and hopefully others) from the ohh so fun BSOD after converting a physical machine to a virtual one. This program should be run prior to the conversion process.

This is especially useful if you are using some sort of imaging software instead of the standalone converter.


Cisco ASA Config Generator

I wrote a new utility recently and have posted it on the site. It is a PHP based program that will take input from a user and will then attempt to generate a config(s) that can be used on a Cisco ASA 5505. The generated code can easily be modified to work with the larger models as well. It’s most handy feature, is the ability to generate not only the VPN config for one ASA, but also the needed config for it’s peer, based on the information provided.

This is sure to speed up the process a bit in configuring new VPN endpoints (or new L2L VPNs).

Cheers, Drew.

Cisco ASA Config Generator

Site additions

Chalk up a few more scripts to the site. Additions include:
+ deleteIcons.bat
+ mapDriveIfServerAvailable.bat
+ exchangeDefrag.bat


I am starting to appreciate just how many scripts I have written over the last several years. I’ve found that i need to sub-categorize them by type, otherwise the menus are too long to display anywhere near all of them. Guess thats a good problem to have.

Looks like somewhere around another 40 or so to go. Blah…


More scripts…

Script count is at about 15 right now. Not even close to finished yet. For now I am just adding them without many comments, i will go back and add those later. Sleepy now ….zZzzZzzZz….


Scripts updates

Well i finally found a syntax highlighter that suits my needs. I had to add a couple of brushes, but it seems to be working now.

I also added a couple of categories, and put up several scripts. My collection is much larger, so I will be adding more for quite some time.


New Site

Well, this is definitely a step in the right direction. The new site is up and running and we are adding content. Please stick with us as we upload content to the site.