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Cisco ASA Config Generator

Disclaimer: This site does not keep any record of the information entered into this form,
nor does it keep any record of the config file that is generated. With that said, you still
may wish to put in dummy passwords and/or ip addresses and then change them before uploading
the config to your device(s). We also accept no responsibility for the use of any of the
information that this generator may provide. You the user, accept all responsibility.

This config generator was designed to speed up the configuration process of a Cisco ASA 5505
that is running software version 8.2.x or below. There may be updates in the future to accomodate
other software versions or ASA models. Currently this generator is meant for semi-basic base configs,
you will obviously still need to configure the rest yourself.

You may choose to leave some fields blank, doing so will cause the generator to simply omit
any relevant config.

This is an early version, as such there are few sanity checks in place.

Always read through the config before pasting it into your device or you may be sorry,
especially if you have pre-existing config on your device!

Internal IP Address:         
Internal Subnet Mask:         
External IP Address:         
External Subnet Mask:         
External Gateway:         
Enable outside Ping:         
Enable SSH Inside         
Enable SSH Outside         
SSH Timeout         
Enable VPN Config:         
Local subnet:         
Local subnet mask:         
Remote subnet:         
Remote subnet mask:         
Remote peer IP address:         
Crypto map name:         
Crypto map number (1-65535):         
Pre-shared key for vpn (password):         
Generate Peer VPN Config: