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@echo off
rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
rem Author:            Andrew Blokzyl
rem Contact: 

rem Description:       This script checks for server connectivity, then maps the drive.
rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

title Dentrix startup script...
color 0E

Echo Checking for server connection...
ping -n 2 fs1 | find /i "reply from" > NUL 2>&1

if %errorlevel% == 1 goto error
if not exist n: net use n: \\fs1\public /persistent:no /user:"YOUR USER" YOUR_PASSWORD | find /i "successfully" >  NUL 2>&1
if %errorlevel% == 1 goto ping
goto success

echo I am sorry Doc, i was unable to connect you to the server. Please make sure
echo you are connected to the network in your office. Either via wireless, or a
echo wired connection.
goto end

echo I was able to get a reply from the server (fs1), but was unable to map the
echo neccessary drives in order to run Dentrix. This should not happen, please contact
echo your systems administrator.
goto end

echo Connection to the server was successful. Launching Dentrix...
goto end


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